torsdag 18 december 2014

New turn in the hobby.


I have been wanting to do this for a long time but newer taken the step in to that sort of hobby, building mechs or as they can it gunpla. I have had a long deep love for mechs form when i was a kid i grew up looking at Macross,Gundam and many more mech/cyberpunk anime. But i have never build any of there models that they have over there in Japan. about 2 years ago i got a gift from a friend of my and it was a gundem HG model but i never build it it was in the shelf as backlog and i was saying one day when i have the time i will build this dude.

well it is about time to build the damn thing now, and i have also made a big order on some new kits that will come in a week or so. the reason why i want to start to build this sort of kits is 1) mechs 2) they give me more room to work whit the airbrush.

And that is what i want for next year to LvL up my airbrush skills id also like to spred the word that you dont just have to build tanks and air planes there are other cool things to build as well. I work a lot to so i dont have the same time to play tabeltop as i just to.

I am looking foreword to dive in to this new world, i have been looking a lot on youtube and blogs. they paint and do a lot of things im not just to so it is fun to learn new things. I will not paint my irst kit i will just build it and that is just so that i can get a feel for how it feels and how to think.

And here are some images on a kit that will come next week it is a custom paint job.


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