lördag 18 januari 2014

more nidz.

Morning ppl,

So i keep on working on the nidz and i am having a good time, it is fun to se the army grow so fast. the other day i got 3 warriors done and have been working on the rest of my hormas when they are done i will have a unit of 20. I just have the purple left on them now and the oil wash then they are done nice and easy it is also fun to se that my skills have gotten this good. I now feel more like A army painter and that is a big motivation for me. when this army is done i plan on doing the rest of my PP skorne army and also a lizard men army that i have that army i will sell on Ebay or give it a try.

and another fun thing was that i got some fun new toys from the mail man :D So to day i will spend the day painting up the new big monster i just love the look of it, to bad it is not so good in game :( but i will try and get him to work. I have also built two tyrent gurds and they have magnets in the arms so that i can give them other weapons if i need that.

I will post better images when i have all of them done, and I still don´t know how I will paint the base.

but now im of to paint,

enjoy muffin.

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