tisdag 9 oktober 2012

Skorne bronzback WIP


I have now started a bit on my skorne and this is my first test model out, and i still don´t know if i like it or not. the plan is to try out on other paint scheme that i have and that is the way i did my Tau black and blue. Think that it will fit me a lot more and also i get to play whit them the tau are just in a display cabinet atm cuz i don´t play 40 now. I still paint a lot of 40k but just don´t find the time to play it now days when i go out to play in is warmahords all the way for my part.

 But any how, this is how the big dude looks now. the skin is working for me i was going for a brown/golden look to it just like a lion. but a bit darker i think, this guys comes from the dessert/mountens out there so i was trying to do something in that style.

well that is my small update on what is going down over at my place atm.

peace muffin

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