tisdag 14 augusti 2012

Tyranid Shrikers done

Aloha there,

So to day i got the shrikers done, and they look bad ass i must say. ones more i went all banans on them. I was trying out some new blendings on the wings whit a low PSI on the air brush and they came out good. but the images on them are not as good as they look not that good light out side now will try and get some better tomorrow when the sun is out.

They where a lot of fun to paint and i have gotten my paint spark back, now i will paint up some of my cryx and the brod lord at the same time will be fun to se that. but back to the tyranids now they have aribrush work on them and also the good old brush to, all the carapes are done by brush. i spent a lot of time to try and blend the colours in to them. in the end they look ok, im still not that good when it comes to blend colours. so i will try and get a lot better on that front. Im also new to mediums in the paint i only have water when i paint.

but this time i was trying out some mediums to make the paint thin and flow better when i was working whit it. and another problem that i found is that i need new brushes then ones i have are one year old now and there is nothing left of them. boy will i go nuts when i get my pay check new army and W&N brushs are on the list ^^

but now for some images, enjoy and i will post better tomorrow.

2 kommentarer:

  1. The wings look amazing, great work!

  2. thx a lot, ya in the end they came out well. it was a mix of orange,green and magenta. was trying out some new stuff on the air brush, this was all done at about 10PSI. so that i would get the colours smooth and nice.

    but it took me a long time to get all them thin layers on XD