fredag 6 april 2012

Terminators done.

Howdy ppl,

The other day i got some terminators done, this guys are a LVL 2 paint job. There are some things that im not happy on them but over all i think they look just awesome. My burned metal turned out a lot better then i was hoping on. If you look at the multi melta, what i did was first black then brown and last some blue to give it a nice burned feel.

I also gave the green a new mix to get that nice and cool camo colour to them that i was looking for. Will paint up some more of this guys to the summer.

well that is all for now, enjoy.

next up is a lot of IG guys and some fantasy.

peace muffin :D

3 kommentarer:

  1. These guys are great! I like how you did the rust.

  2. big thx man, big thx. It nice to se that ppl like the stuff that i put out in to the world. The only thing that is bad is that i did not have the time to paint all the small things all over there armor.

    they are some fantastic models to work on, and this are the old one in steel so they feel good in your hand ^^

    peace muffin :D

  3. damn you have gotten good buddy. Love u long time.