tisdag 27 mars 2012

Orcs done.

Howdy ppl,

It is time to post images on the orc army that i got done two weeks ago, just not had the time or the energy to fix all the images in Photoshop but here they are at last. this was a fun army to paint and it is the first time i got to paint orcs, I also go the time to try out my frinde denniz style to paint orcs. prime them in a dark green then bring them back up in a greay scale. Still need to work on it a bit more before i know how to handel the shades. but all in all i think that it all turnd out well. the aime was to do them in a deffkullz team and bring in some stempunk/punk to them.

well that is all for me, enjoy the images and drop me a comment on what you think.


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