onsdag 25 januari 2012

update - on the table

Howdy ppl, 

Here is a small update on what is on the table.  

 first out is the necrons that im working on now, they have there base colour now. will try and give them some more love later on to day. they will be in lot´s of gold and other metal colours some i know other im still working on.
the orcs have some colour as well now, the green is on and i gave them a grey high light. I have also gotten all the metal on them.   

And the space hulk guy, this have been a bitch to paint. it is the first time for me to do blood angels GW style. And it has taken me some time to get the colours down. but now i have a better hang of it, so i think that the other guys will go a lot faster. He has been fun but not at all a easy model to work on, i have to paint him whit a 00 brush. So it takes a lot of time to get things done on them.  

After a long day of pating (9-18) i get a chans to paint on my own things. and i have been puting down a lot of time now on the DJ AKA carols specie winer . He is not 100% but well over 80% done now, need to fix up the face and the green glow on him. after that i need to give him battel damage and lots of rust. So one more day and we are done. When he is done i will try and get my new caster done 100%, nebra is a boss love her. 

Well there you have it, on the tabel this week. 
love muffin ^^ 

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