söndag 15 januari 2012

Space hulk job


So to day i began my Space Hulk job that i got the other week, my test model did NOT turn out the way i was going for. The red turned pink and i spent a lot of time to find some way to get it back to the more dark tone of red. Gave it devlin mud, all the other browns that i had at hand but nothing helped me. So in the end i am giving the guy scrub down and will start new on him.

This time i will also try a other type of mix and se if get it right this time. will also try and start some  work on a chaplin that i have had my eye on now for some time. need to paint more black have not done that yet, and i think that this guy will be a good try to work on just that colour.

Next week there is a lot of pating on the list, will spend all Monday on the space hulk guys, and the rest of the week i have some other stuff coming up. but will tell you more about it later, now i need a small break and then it is back to work.

peace muffin

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