tisdag 31 januari 2012



It is time to show up some necrons that i have been working on now, this is just 4 out of 6 models. so far they have been ok to paint. i have more a problem whit the fine cast from GW that some a really good and others are just fail.

did spend some time to GS them, but dont have the time to fix all the small miss cast on  them. i think that i did a good job to paint them up and not show the miss cast.

tomoz i will work my but of to get the space hulk terminator done.

and here are the necrons

enjoy muffin

2 kommentarer:

  1. These crons are gorgeous Muffin! I am sorry that I didn't come here more often to see more of this quality work. I just scrolled through some of your older posts too and I am damn impressed! Congrats on the beautiful models!

  2. wow that is big coming from you man. big thx old school, ya this are part of a commission job that im working on now.

    Im saving the best for last, so keep you eye open from some good stuff.

    and it´s nps i don´t get a lot of ppl here i use the blog more as a diary for my self. and it´s open for any one to read and give me feed back.