torsdag 19 januari 2012

Big update - what is on the desk now ???

Howdy ppl,

Well here it is at last, the big update that you have been waiting for now. I have now gone full time as a painter but it is not easy to get jobs to cover the rent. if i don´t mes about whit my time sceduel then i will make 2 dead lines next week and the week after that. but i still dont know, will have to work a lot of over time and the pay in the end is not that big. but what the hell man, i get to paint and do what i love atm so im happy. 

And this is a good way to stress down for me and also to think about my life now, what is it im after? 6 years now in college and i still don´t really know what im working for. well this is no time to get all dark lets look at happy things.

first out: 

Here are the Mercs that i been working for when i post this then they will be done.
they have been a lot of fun to paint and this are some sick models to, they have so many detail it is crazy. 

this is the space hulk job that im working on, they guy want them in GW blood angel colours. a lot of orange and that is a colour that im not super hot whit yet. this image is dons not give him justice you cant se the shadows on him. but i spent a lot of time to find the colour mix for them. 

And here is a part of a orc army that im working on, what is not in the image. 3 killa kanz, tank buztaz and three HQ´s. this is a job that will be a lot of fun, iv been wanting to paint orcs a long time now. and green is a colour that i can paint now. 

And this is the last commission job that i got, atm im maxt out whit job so if i get any more they have to wait a bit. Any way this is the last job that i got now and it is necrons this is going to be fun to paint. they person wants them in gold. 

And this is a privet project that im working on, the name of it is project x-2. can you guess what it is ??

 and the last thing that im working on is my WM army that needs to be done next month so that i can play in the big 50p tournament. there is a lot of models to paint, if i don't make it in time i will try and block all the models so that they have some colour on them. it´s ok if i don´t win best paint army now.

well there you have it, that is what i have on my desk now, a lot of stuff and yes this is a full time job for me now. that is way i can do so many things at ones so wish me luck i will need it.

and plz follow the blog i helps me a lot, and dont forget to drop me a comment now and then to.

peace muffin

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