söndag 23 oktober 2011


howdy ppl,

No post for a while now, but i have lost my paint drive a bit. Been working some on a DE HQ now for a bit and he is coming along good. but i feel i have lost the speed a bit, if some one have any page that can give me the paint drive agine that be awsome.

I feel I want to paint but when I sit down i just loos it all, and that makes me sad. Guess it can be part of my life status atm and that is entirely fail. but im working on geting all that under control ones more. been a bit burnd out from some stuff but im getting better.

that is all for now, will post some pic´s on my Arcon tomoz when i have more work done on him.

muffin ^^

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  1. Cheer up man, you'll get your groove back!
    If all seems dull, just take one of your models that you don't care that much about and just play with colours and effects! I was in a painting slump until recently to, and just grabbing a model and having fun made it all better. :)

    We'll make sure to get a game in soon to. At a worst case scenario we might at least get a game in during Incognicon. ^^