fredag 28 oktober 2011

Some candy for the candy

howdy ppl,

Yesterday I got some candy in my mail box and im not far from my T4 list whit Nebra. It will be a 35p all jack list the one thing that is missing now is the two witchs that are out of stock all over the world. But i will try and get some from my local hobby store they seem to get all the stuff that is out in other store and I find that a bit wird but good for me.

Now I have stuff for tree life times to paint, Nidz,Tau and Cryx think that this will be a fun winter. As of some days ago i found my pating modjo don´t know where but I got it back and it feels awsome to have that feeling in your body. That the only thing that can get you done is to paint models and have a good beer to that.

And tomoro im off to play a WM tournament here in stockholm, My gold is to win 2 games this time and play like a winner and not as a local buddy game. Have to think in terms of "go in and kill what you see" have a week spot to se all the ppl i plays as a friend and that is the rong way to think in a tournament.

PS. I got the old cards for Nebra, found that to be a cool small bonus for me. Was not a big problem for me as i did go out and buy the faction deck a while back. Nice to se some mark I hehe

well that is all for me now, next up are some cool looking DE HQ that im working hard on now.

peace muffin ^^

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