måndag 31 oktober 2011

Incogniconturnering 29/10 in Stockholm

howdy ppl,

Here is a bit longer cover of the tournament that was under this weekend, it was a 35p Stemroll 10min a round. And all i can say is that it was fun to meet some new ppl and i also got a new friend there that i got to play. From my part im still a bit mad at my self that I did not do as i liv. Take your time and think over what you are doing, have all the models done what they need to do? well that did not happen from my part, did a lot of small noob mistakes but it´s all my fault hehe. But now im the under dog for next year so it will be fun to se what place i get on the list then. Tho i did beat a not gole of my, if i don´t get first place take last place and be the best at losing. will I sure did that hehe.

Id like to say thx a lot for a super good tournament and all the players that came out, hoppe that next year will be biger and that we hit the 40 player mark or more. I know now for sure that WM/H is the game for me. I sux now but give me a year and I know that i can play up my self to a good level for tournament play think fast hit heard. 

Placering, namn, SoS, CP, AP

1 pablo 4 17
2 lars 4 14 10
3 alexander jegendal 4 14 9
4 jack johnson 4 14 4
5 karim 4 13
6 paul svenson 3 16
7 oscar 3 15
8 mattias jensen 3 13 4
9 john 3 13 3
10 andreas 3 12 5
11 kalle 3 12 2
12 adam 3 8
13 weyne 2 15
14 mikke 2 12 1
15 göran 2 12
16 hugo 2 12 0
17 alex wasberg 2 11
18 robban 2 9
19 bjorn 2 5
20 anders 1 13
21 lenny 1 10 1 42
22 frej 1 10 1 40,5
23 birk 1 8
24 muffin 0 10

Well that is for me now, here are some pic from the event enjoy them ^^ 

peace muffin - the happy loser hehe 

6 kommentarer:

  1. Yeah, it really was an awesome tournament. :)

    You can pride yourself with the fact that you definitely fielded the best painted Cryx at the con. ^^

  2. ya the ones that have paint are good, but now i can focus all out on the paint for them. fond a frame down steers that i will convert to a awsome display bord. nore to come on that one later :D

    and yes it was a super awsome tournament.


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