onsdag 21 september 2011

Surgent and Stalker done

Howdy ppl,

I now have some more Warmachine stuff done and im happy to show you the out come of some practise of new Technic and basing material as the Still water was the first time for me, and it was easy to work whit the still water thing. Tho it has a long dry time but time it good and there is no problem i did it when i was going to bed. Then it had all night to dry and in the morning it was all done, easy as pie ^^

The only thing let to do now is paint the arcs on all the models, but i will hold on for a bit longer tho i still don´t know how to paint them on. I have seen some nice stuff out there now I just need to pick one that is good for me and the still for the minis.

Time for some pic´s

 The stalkers are one of my favirot models in Warmachine, there are some other jacks there in my top five but this are number 2 on the list so far. They look good and are fun to play as well so for me it is a win win. On the down side, they are a bitch to build. 

And here you can se my armey so far, next for me is to paint my big hell jack that is redy to go when i am. But before I start on him I need to fix the last bit of DE that are just looking mad at me now. Shape up muffiin and fix your work now or Elf Boy will hit you soon.

that is all for now,

Peace muffin ^^

4 kommentarer:

  1. I have been working on some Cryx stuff myself of late. Very nice work on Stalkers and Necrosurgeon.

  2. thx a lot m8, ya im happy whit how they turnd out. Will work on the rust some more on the stalkers will also add some blood to all the jacks.

    Still need to find some nice blood don´t want to mess up on them now.

  3. I'm digging your Lich Lord Venthrax too. I don't have him but I intend to buy him at some point.

  4. Ya that was my first model where I got to paint metal. It is not easy to paint metal, so easy to over do it. But he is a lot of fun to play whit, run in hit all you se and go home happy.

    and thx for the kind words as well ^^