måndag 12 september 2011

Some Watormelons

A lot is coming up to day as you know it was Armys on parade here in Stockholm and i was there tho i was sick and feel like crap. But i had to bite the bullet and just do it for the grater god, Im having some problems of getting good images on the bord whit all the minis on them. So what I did was give them some 1 on 1 time whit the camera. And here you have the two now guys in the family My Tyrant Roland and 4 Hive guards they came out a bit better then i was hoping on. But the main problem that I have whit the Hive Guards is that they are so heavy and tip over all the time

The only thing that is left on the tyrant is the wings that needs some more work, and the head needs just some more work to get in the extra shadows that im after. But all in all he looks bad as, Id like to give the base a bit more work to but we will se what happens on that front.

and here you have them, enjoy and  plz comment on them ^^


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