lördag 10 september 2011

Armies on parade - Stockholm


I sat up late last night fixing up my minis for this competition, and I made it sort of in time. I put down the brush at 12:40 and the buss was of 12:49 so i did not have a lot of time to make it over to the stop. Ones I got in to the big city I had to leg it like a mother over to GW. And I got there just in time to enter my dudes, after that I took my self a smok to cool of a bit and then the waiting began.

The bad thing about AoP Stockholm was that there was only for ppl in the competition. But i got second place and that made me happy, but it was a call to close to call man. I took the second spot in the last sec by one vote haha.  

Well here you have my Army that was entered sorry for the crap pic, but I still have a cold and i was not in the mode to rig all the stuff up. Will fix a lot better pics some other day promes ppl

Peace Muffin ^^

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