söndag 17 juli 2011

Fast up date

Aloha ppl,

This is a fast up date to keep you in the loop, this week I have been working on ogers,DE,Wm ( a bit ) and project X.

here is the stalker that I have been working a bit, I was looking to give it some more emotion and this is what I got. I was trying to go for a look where he is jumping over some rocks.

And here are the ogers, all the metal is now on them so next is some washes and then they are done on that front. after that I need to fix the hair and wood plus the gnotz that are here and there.

and last are some witches that I got some work done on, all the metal is on them now and gor some hair done but not all of them. Think that I have a cold coming over me now damn you wife !!!!

well that is a bit of things that I have been working on now


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