onsdag 4 maj 2011

Tau project - for the summer

yo yo,

This is my tau army that i just got my self, it is going to take a lot of work to get this guys up to TT + that id like to have em. But on the other hand i like to take on big things so that i don´t get bord. When i got in to this world a year ago tau was the army that id like to play, but after having a look on the net i sa that a lot ppl said that they where not that good. So i then took on the tyranids, now i can se that was a good and bad thing to do as tyranids are not so easy to get in to as the first army to play.

This is my break down of armys that i like
- Tyranid
- Tau
- Eldar

Why do i like this armys, well im a big fan of mech (robots) and aline looking things so it was the naturel thing for me to do.

I now have this three armys and they are all over 1750 so i can do a lot of different types of builds if i like. Well that was a small update on the things that i have on the side, it will be a joy to paint this army.

muffin ^^

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