måndag 23 maj 2011

Tau color test

Aloha ppl,

I found a fun and easy program to paint up your model, you can find it over here.
So I sat down and got some ides out of my head that I have for my tau´s. I rellay want to paint them asap so I have to get a move on now on all the things I have in the air. There are 3 DE ships left and I think that i can get them out of the way on time now. if i just plan up my days good i can make it in time be for all the new DE things come out.

This is the one that i like the most, and will give it a test paint when i have the time.
love the white and red combo this colors work so good, but i have seen armys that have this color combo. and id like to be the first to do the color. will paint my eldar like this i think.
a down ton of camo green, just to give it a try dont like how it looks.

well that is all that i have for now, more to come soon. now it is time for me to hit the books some houres and se if i make it out alive.


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