fredag 6 maj 2011

Part 1 - Small base

Aloha ppl,

Here is my first part of "how i base" it´s not that fancy but it get´s the job done and the result is nice for TT + so here we go.

This are the tools that you will need, PVA glu, a old brush for the glue and some mixing paper. i have the sort that you bake Cookie on.
I have some different types of sand to mix it up on the base and also give it some more life. And i like to play around whit the sand to get different FX.
Be for i put done the model in the sand, i give my bucket a good shake so that you get the big rocks on the top and the smaller on the side, this gives me more control of what size i get on the base. you need to mix between big and small rocks.
When i put the glue on the base i give it a good big think layer of glue so that i can press down some extra sand and, also to get them big rocks to stick. It sucks when you drybrushing and the rocks just falls of the base =(
Now the sand is on, and you can se the mix of sand here. Gives it a lot more texture to i think.
And now to paint it up, what i do is that i have old brown that i just use for my basing. And i mix the color and water in the lid. i think that is the best way and the fastes way to, then i don´t need to bring out my wet pallet. Mix in the lid and get the color sorta like a wash so it gets in there fast and easy. But you will need to put down two cotes or so.
Here is the paint, to speed up the drying part take out a hair dryer that is what i do.
When the paint is dry i bring out my old buddy Devlin mud ( you have to love it)
Give the base a good layer of the wash so that it is nice and dark, we want to make it look like mud and dirt now.
This are the colors that i use for the dry brushing part of the base. the brown is my base color as well.
mix the brown and bone 50/50 mix and dry brush it on.
Last i put done just a pure bleached bone in the center and a bit on the side, don´t dry brush over the lat work you did or it will not look that good.
Flock it baby, you know how to do it. For the ppl that do not, hit it whit some PVA glue and then dab on some flock. easy as pie man.

And that is that, this is how i base for my TT minis, fast and easy and you get some umf in it as well. O and dont forget to paint the side of the base i paint my in black but take what ever color that rocks your world.

PS: sorry for my bad English

love muffin ^^

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