fredag 29 april 2011

Mandraks Wip 5

Yo yo,

So i did some work on the mawloc last night and the turn out is ok in my point of view. You can say that the core paint job is done now, what i have left is to paint the heads as i will have the fex and mawloc head for him so that i don´t get band from a tournament. After that i need to paint all the bone parts and the under side of the tail and glaz it in purple as the biowars tubes. But i have spent lots of time on this guy now and i need to fix up some DE transports. so i will spend the rest of my time on them for now. I hope that i can get this big guy done to maj 7 if so that be awsome.

here is some eye candy for you ppl.

that is all for now, enjoy
muffin ^^

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