fredag 8 april 2011

How to strip minis

Aloha ppl,

It is tutorial time here at muffins happy corner and today we will learn how to strip minis, or the way that i strip minis. I did this tutorial cuz i get this question a lot, so here i go.

This are the tools that i use when working whit my minis. Gloves to protect my hands and a toothbrush to scrub the minis clean from the paint. And a small bucket to poor in the ajax that i need to dip down the minis. That is all the tools that you need to get them rdy for action.
This is the product that i use to clean my models form the unwanted paint. you can find it at your local supermarket for around 35-40kr (about 5$) is a bargen i tell you :P
Here we can see two hive guards before i drop them down in to the ajax that will strip them of all the paint. I will post some more pic´s on other models that has more paint and some that are dipt to show that it works on them to.
I let them sleep in the bucket over night so that they can suck up all the chemicals.
When that is done i scrub then whit the toothbrush for a while and wash them in some watter, give them a another go whit the toothbrush and wash them one last time. after that i let them dry and we are all done. Easy and simple!!

Well that is the way i clan up my minis, i hope that this will be to some help to some one out there.


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