torsdag 24 februari 2011

Warmachine - Cryx it is ^^


I have been looking a lot at warmachine now but i never got around to get models to play the game. that was cuz of the prise me as a student and get a new army is not that easy when you dont have a lot of money after rent and food. but the other week a offer fell from the sky that i could not say no to. in the offer i got the following things.

Epic Asphyxious

6 Bane Thralls

3 Deathrippers
2 Stalkers
1 Leviathan

got it for a awsome prise, but i will not post it here sorry guys.
so when i am done whit my Dark Eldar prodject and got 1750 nidez i will start to work on this army as well buy then i will have my Air brush that im saving money for now, and when i get that baby i know that i will get up my speed a lot.

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