lördag 15 januari 2011

More meat to kill!!!

Aloha !!!

i know i have been sort of dead on the blogg, that is cuz of work and for the most part it has been school. have a last rush now in the end of the cores,
but i have been doing some painting on the side when i get the time and the energy to do it. And first out this year is some hormugunts and termagunst that i got around to paint. nest up is 6 termagunts and after that i think i will take a small bre
ak from troops and start some prep work on my swarmlorad that im all pumpt to get done as i want to play him so bad.

I am also working on a extra ravener project where
i want to get my hands on lots of Red terros this is cuz i find this guys to be so bad ass and they look a lot harder then the plastic raveners when you give them fex talons. I have 4 of them atm but still working on geting some more, and im starti
ng my other project on the spore. for this i need a SM drop pod where i will do a lot of green stuff and some oven clay to make it all alien looking.

well that is all for now, i can go on a lot longer but it is time to show some pics.

enjoy muffin

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