lördag 18 december 2010

First Hormugunts done ^^

Aloha ppl,

well i got my first hormugunts done now and it feel good to have it done, now i only have 15 left to paint woohooo!!!!! and when that is done i will start to paint up my 60 gunts that i need oboy i can feel the fun just all over the place. all i need to do now is work up a good solid system to paint my troops and i will have em done in now time. this guys did not take me that long to paint. i just need to focus and i can get it done a lot faster if id like to.

and that is the plan i need to spit this dudes out now, but for now i will work some more on my eldar for some R&R and will pick up my needs next year. well here is a pic of the guys.

All i need to do now is paint the side of the base black and they are done.

well that is all that i have for now,


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