torsdag 22 juli 2010

Red Terror is done

today i got my Red Terror done at last, well sorta done just have the claws left but that will not take a long time to fix just need to get some white in there and presto done. And i have to say this dude was not as easy to paint as it looks, there where a lot of twist and turns to get paint. have one more to do but think that i will put it on hold for a bit for one i have a wedding coming up next week and cuz it took a lot of time to paint this model. it was hard but a lot of fun to work on it. and look forward to the next one. but for now im working on a Terminator and to have just done this big guy the terminator is a walk in the park now, hahah.

but here are some pic of the Red Terror that i have done, i have put new Claws to him to him cuz i feelt he was so small. and to beef it up i gave him some new and old carnifex scything talons and two set of scything talons from a warrior. now he is scary!!!!!

enjoy muffin

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