torsdag 25 februari 2010

So i was out for a long walk yesterday and took a swing buy my favourite store and got my self the book on how to paint and some paint. was fun to look in the diffrent how to pain books there are a lot of good info in them book. so i think they are totaly worth the money. im happy whit it any way and feel that i will get a lot from it. the thing that i will be working on now is blending the colors so that you get this nice gradients.

I took the liberty of taking some shot in the book, blending and how to paint a ultra marin and what i find funny is that they paint it in a other way then i do. So it will be fun to try this technique. well that is my post on what i did yesterday.

One other new is fond some new footage on the Space Marine game, that looks so awsome and the overkill system, o baby!!!!! now that is how you kill some one. have a look and enjoy it just like i did. more info about the game will come out on E3 this summer.

The new Space Marine game


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